Where it all began, from catering at Bestival at our first ever festival on the Isle of White in 2015 we have since won the award for:
We are really proud of what we have achieved in this area of the business and Happy Maki is now a well known festival favorite for tens of thousands of people each summer. Find our teams rolling at amazingly efficient speeds (with smiles) at a full array of festivals over the Summer.  

In 2020 the improvements we are making to the business model are:

1. Our menu will be 100 % gluten free, all sauces will now be home made and suitable for coeliac so no risk of cross contamination.  

2. We are working out how we can make our event waste stream also zero to landfill which means managing all of our own waste streams if the festival we are at isn't taking appropriate action.

3. Where possible we will operate on a pay as you feel basis, with a customer facing payment kiosk.  
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