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Vegan sushi burritos rolled in front of your eyes, in a very satisfying and efficient production line.  Add ginger and wasabi to suit and make it a meal deal with a freshly made green juice and you’ve got the very best of delicious & healthy fast food to satisfy even the biggest carnivore.


Our first event was Bestival on the Isle of White in 2015 we have since won the award for:


‍We are really proud of what we have achieved in this area of the business and Happy Maki is now a well known festival favorite for tens of thousands of people each summer. We have also won the people's choice at Shambala twice. You can find our teams rolling at amazingly efficient speeds (with smiles) at a full array of festivals over the Summer, from our beautiful Peugeot J7 Kiki.  

Looking after our staff onsite is really important to us as the working environment can be very hard on the body.  Our staff are paid more than living wage and we try and avoid shifts going over the 10 hours mark.  Free smoothies and green juice help keep everyone hydrated whilst working! All of our staff have level two food hygiene certificates and take great care in making sure only the safest and highest quality food is served.  


We work with full transparency, happy to share all our sales figures with event organisers and have built up great working relationships over the years because of this.  We take great pride in working professionaly onsite, being a fully responsible & hassle free trader as well as always leaving no trace.  We have recently gone back to operating two units so we have more availability than normal and more flexibility. Do get in touch if you’d like us to come and cater at your event. We’re always looking for inspirational and fair events to work with. 



As a business that was founded out of a desire to do something to help the environment this is something that we remain very passionate about.  

All of our packaging is bio-degradable and our product has been designed to need minimal paper packaging for on the go eating. One of the biggest things you can do to be more sustainable is adopt a plant based diet, our menu has been vegan for 6 years and we are passionate about showing people how easy, delicious and healthy making substitutions in your diet (like taking the fish out of sushi) can be.  

For each wrap we sell we plant a tree and feed a child, this choice was made to be part of helping to regenerate the environment as well as reducing its destruction.  Thanks to our festival and Brighton customers over the years we have provided over 400,000 meals in a place of education to kids in extreme poverty.  For the world to sustain itself as a community we need to work together to end the disparities created by our western lifestyles. 

Using Carbon Cloud we have looked in detail at the carbon footprint of our menu and we have won sustainability awards for our Sushi burritos and their low footprint.  Figures for our 4 main wraps are below : 


Avocado Kiss             0.35 kg CO2

Thai Sweet Potato    0.35 kg CO2 

Fully Loaded              0.34 kg CO2

Hoisin Duck               0.33 kg CO2






2000 TREES 






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