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Our sushi burritos are a perfect way to treat your staff or feed your party guests.  We've catered for weddings, film sets, hackathons, office parties and birthdays. The burritos are a crowd pleaser and travel so well without loosing quality or freshness, this means we can make you food and transport it without worry of it turning up messy or cold .


The burritos work especially well as a second dinner at a wedding, letting people grab and eat whenever they are hungry. For catering jobs we charge £10 a wrap plus delivery if applicable. There is also the option to make it into a full meal/ packed lunch including a gut friendly Happy Inside soft drink and a home made sweet treat.


 Please have a look at the burrito options below, decide how many of each you would like, it doesnt have to be exact as it can be amended.  An example order could be 50 Hoisin Duck, 50 Fully Loaded and 50 Beet and Basil. Then just fill in our form below and we'll be in touch, hopefully we can be part your special event.

Please note that our street food truck only goes to festivals, so we wont be able to attend your event or wedding with the truck but we will be able to deliver pre made food to you. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS : Minimum order = 30 wraps. Maximum order = 300 wraps. Delivery radius = 40 miles from Brighton and costs £2 per mile, we can delivery further if you're happy to pay a premium. Delivery will be by a staff member or taxi depending on distance and availability

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