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Happy Maki - Vegan Sushi - Brighton

Sushi Burritos & Bowls


Happy Maki is a pioneering vegan sushi brand making healthy, filling fast food that never compromises on flavour. 


We started selling sushi burritos at events in 2013 driven by a deep love for the oceans and the environment. Our passion for ethics, people and planet has been growing ever since. 


Over the years we've became a favourite on the music festival circuit and in 2017 we opened our first small store in Brighton.  Come find us at our restaurant  in the heart of Brighton to eat some of the best vegan food going. 

Happy Maki - Vegan Sushi - Brighton
Happy Maki - Vegan Sushi - Brighton
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Happy Maki - Vegan Sushi - Our Values


Happy Maki Vegan Sushi


Happy Maki Vegan Sushi

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