financial transparency

We have spent a lot of time recently deciding which business / charity model best fits what we want to achieve.  Although we considered changing to a Community Interest Company or C.I.C we have decided that staying as a limited company gives us the best flexibility and control over the company.  We are a company which is “not for personal profit”.  This means that directors wages are capped and any profit made is used to grow the company and further support our great charities.  As truth is one of our founding principles, we our financial records and information on our salaries will be shared online.  We feel strongly that high director wages do not support our ethics and that directors will never get rich from the donations you choose to give the company; this is not Anna’s goal.

community interest

We have always tried to keep focus on what is best for our communities, whether that be our global community or on a more local scale.  Our community is large and varied. As we are all experiencing, humanity’s global impact is not about to slow down and we believe that if we are in a position of abundance, then boarders shouldn’t stop us from doing the best we can to help. We believe the most effective way to achieve the best results is to let those who do it well continue their great work.

At Happy Maki we make great sushi, and so by gifting of sushi, we will continue to donate towards Mary’s Meals and Eden Reforestation Project, ensuring our global community is being well educated and economic funds are being put in the hands of the most affected communities.

On a local scale, from our base in Brighton, our new model of “Pay As You Feel” will benefit those who are economically challenged and are not in a position to be able to afford to eat at a healthy vegan restaurant. With our sushi offered as a gift, and no obligation to pay for the meal. We will ensure a healthy, filling meal can be provided in a warm and comfortable environment, and we hope by working with local charities we can ensure our reach is as far and impactful as possible.

Living Wage & welfare

Happy Maki has always put ethics at the heart of what we do, with a review of our employment ethics in 2018 we became a Living Wage Employer. This involves working with the Living Wage Foundation to ensure we pay the real living wage ensuring the employment we offer allows our staff to live a well-balanced lifestyle, with wages that meet the cost of living, not just the government minimum living wage & staff welfare.  On top of living wage each staff member is gifted a meal for the shift that they work.  

Our Staff have individual meetings with management throughout the year to help maintain an honest and open flow of communication between all members of staff.   Feedback on staff’s performance we feel is very important to their happiness in the workplace. We try and deal with issues as and when they arise and ask for high levels of self-responsibility from everyone in the team.  We do this because it's most loving to all involved and it's a problem, we see a lot due to lack of education about what real self-responsibility looks likes.  We are currently working on improving our staff training protocol and improving how we can be more a more responsible employer.