W H A T   W E   D O 





Taste sensation sushi street food with a difference. "Su-shi" means seasoned rice and we combine this with fusion fillings alongside your more tradidional flavours of ginger, wasabi and seaweed.  Once rolled up our Maki are like giant sushi burritos, they're filling, healthy and perfect for on the go eating.  Happy Maki is all about high quality, forward thinking, healthy sushi with zero compromise in flavour. Our menu is vegan and we believe passionately in offering people  ​truly sustainable sushi . 

W H Y   W E   D O  I T 





Sustainability runs deeply in our company ethos.   With our "Fish Free Sushi" we're aiming to raise awareness of overfishing and ocean health issues.  The sushi industry has been very damaging to ocean fish stocks and it also drives unsustainable fish farming.  Anna the founder loves the outdoors especially the ocean and wants to do her bit to keep you and the environment healthy.  We also operate a one feeds two poilicy through Marys Meals, donating a meal to a child in hunger for every wrap sold as well as planting a tree.  Truly feel good sushi. 

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